Our Story

Our story starts with a farm boy from Steele County North Dakota, who grew up working alongside his dad and brothers producing some of the worlds’ best crops of wheat, barley, sunflowers and beans. As his love of the land and the opportunities it offers grew, he began thinking of starting something new and exciting here in Fargo, North Dakota that would continue to advance our farm products and the future for his family. But what would it be???

A hobby turned out to be the answer. Randy Wigen began home-brewing beer as a hobby in the kitchen of his family home in south Fargo. Friends and family would gather to enjoy the fruits of his labors and encouraged him to expand his brewing operation. After researching the Craft Brewing Industry in US and what it means for the future for North Dakota products, the growth potential of the beer brewing industry in North Dakota and the business opportunities in Fargo, Randy began to think this could be a fun adventure for himself and his family.

He enlisted his sons, Grant and Brock Wigen, to join him in the business opportunity of opening a brewery in Fargo and Kilstone Brewing was born. Grant and Brock traveled to the Denver, Colorado area to complete an immersion brewing course at Echo Brewing, where they learned to brew beer on a brew-house and system comparable to our current operation.

Our story began to be one of friends and family joining together to help bring Kilstone Brewing to fruition. Farmers became carpenters and builders, salesmen became millers and engineers, musicians became painters and others brought skills to share we can’t even begin to list. Kilstone Brewing is a place built by an eclectic group of talented, gifted friends and family members who all come together to make our vision possible—a place for people who enjoy a locally brewed beer to gather and feel at home amongst friends.

March 2015, Kilstone Brewing, began producing their first barrels of beer. We opened to the public for a couple of days in middle of March before our Grand Opening in May 2015 in an unassuming warehouse address in a somewhat industrial area of North Fargo.
Since those early days, our commitment to both our local community and the greater craft beer community has strengthened and deepened and in 2019 we look forward to unveiling the next phase of our business as we move our operations to a centrally located, premium downtown location. Stay tuned for frequent updates as we build out our new brewery and expand our production to bring you even more new beers in the years to come.

For now, we invite you to be part of our story… stop by our original location, try our beer, meet the family, and be part of the adventure as we take things to the next level and beyond!